The opening scene depicts a girl playing in the front yard. Her ball bounces away into the street and a lady in a navy blue suit holds it out for her. When the girl steps outside the gate a black bag engulfs her...Kelsi wakes in a sweat. She goes to the kitchen for a glass of water and is trying to mentally make sense of her dream. She can't fall back asleep so she decides to get ready for work and leave early.

While at work, Gustavo enters her office and asked why she left home so early without saying goodbye. She says that she had some work to do. He then asks her if it has anything to do with what happened in the basement, She assures him that she's fine and proceeds to tell him that she has a meeting to get to. Gustavo kisses her on the way out. Rebecca, who is standing in the doorway, clears her throat. Kelsi says bye to Gustav and looks blankly at Rebecca on her way out. Gustavo begins to walk out at Rebecca follows. She tries to converse with him but he pays her no attention. When Gustavo gets to his office he turns around and tells her that he has work to do, Rebecca dismisses herself as Gustavo closes the door in her face.

He sits in a chair that is surrounded by computer monitors and